Bio: I'm the California gal that has an eclectic style in everything. From fashion to art, beauty to music and of course, in my style of living an extraordinary life with my family. My background is simiple, I've always done some type of management. From Mcdonalds (first job in high school, I was a crew manager) then years later I became a flight attendant for ExpressJets (Continental Express; up to 50 passengers only needed one Flight attendant). After almost 5 years of traveling the friendly sky's, I became an Assistant Manager then Store Manager for Footlocker Inc. for about 3 years, and got offered a position to be Store Manager at Anna's Linens. I've worked for OTHERS until my first child was born. My husband and I decided I would retire early and follow my dreams of being an entrepreneur. Now, we are at three children and I am a partner with my husband in our company Spirit & Soul Enterprise and am now focusing on following my dreams becoming your personal stylist/designer. I realized my passion for home décor (interior/exterior) when I was a Store Manager for Anna's Linens. It all started from giving my customers unique and original design ideas for their home. The ideas never ended! I would create 'styling ideas' for them and they would came back for more when they wanted a quick change. I didn't know I was giving them actual mood-boards until recently discovering it from a friend on Polyvore. Now, I cant stop creating mood-boards to share decor ideas. Art has always been in my life and it started when I was a toddler. It is in my nature to always included an artistic twist to whatever I touch. So here, I will share with you my own creations ideas to not only inspire you but to give you visual pleasure, interesting finds while exploring the internet, and my stylish design suggestions for both your closet and home. If you need a styling idea for your home please send me a photo of the space or the dimensions and I can present a design idea to you. I do local IN HOME revamping of interior and closet space at the moment. Welling to travel as well. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding designs please email me at touchmylittleidea@gmail.com . Enjoy the ride, get inspired and motivated along the way. Lets have fun together while learning new things along the way. Trust Kisha

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