5 Friday Finds : Home Goods edition | Trust Kisha Designs 

Yahoo…It’s Friday already! You know what that means….I get to share some goodies with you all, my 5 Friday Finds.

Welp, if you follow me on instagram you know that I had a few inspiration sightings at a local HomeGoods store. If you don’t know what a HomeGoods store is…It’s a similar concept to a Ross or Marshalls Discounted Retail store. They sell everything from furniture to rugs and accessories to kitchenware and toys for the home. I love going to these types of stores to gain design inspirations because it’s sorta like a treasure hunt. Sometimes you find amazing pieces for a great prices!

This trip was the first time I was able to find items to decorator a whole space in under an hour. Which got me to thinking about a future idea that I’m working on now for you all. Design ideas come to me very fast with just one item. 
So…you’re wondering what did I found..welp here you go.

Home Goods Sightings | 1.large abstract canvas acrylic painting 2. Microfiber aqua ottoman styled bench 3. Off white Chest of drawers with nailheads 4. A large ceramic sitting Buddha 5. Heavy silk blackout Aquamarine drape

Of course, I found more items that complete a space and I will share them with you all tomorrow as a bonus post for this week. 

Did you get inspired this week by a special item? What was it, and did it lead you to any other ideas? Drop them down below in the comment section…I’m interest in knowing. 

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Cheers and happy shopping!

Is Green Stealing the Show in 2017 |Trust Kisha Designs  

Are you ready for our new week. I have a Moodboard ready for our ‘In The Mood Monday’. 

I’m sure you can’t guess what I have in store for you this week. Well, I’ll tell you. I will share my new found decor color crush.

Green Moodboard Days | featuring zgallerie accessories

It’s Green and Pantone just so happens to think it’s fabulous this year too with one of their color pick being Greenery. Its a pretty hue, similar to a true plant green.

Did you see that large green chair…Its a Joybird speciality in velvet and it looks so comfy. The decor in this moodboard is perfect to decorate any room. A reading nook, bedroom lounge area, living room or family room, and even a home office or study. Which room would you add the pieces to?

Stay tuned this weeks 5 Friday Finds. I haven’t decided on a schedule just yet but you will definitely see commentary post on Monday’s and Friday’s in the afternoon which is subject to Change.

Before I leave…heres a no of motivation to get decorating for Spring…I mean Summer… Wow, it’s almost here. Do you need some decor ideas, Trust Kisha and I can help. I’m only an email away.

I’ll let you with a little treat….or two….

Modern Chic featuring neutral tones and green as accent color


Spring Bedroom featuring Anthropology and greenery added with accessories: succulents, throw pillows and decorative books


90% Danish Sir | Trust Kisha Designs

90% Danish Sir | Trust Kisha Designs

5 Friday Finds | Trust Kisha Designs

Happy Friday and cheers to the days ahead! This past week has been quite interesting via Social Media as it has changed quite a bit since the last time I posted a commentary BLOG post. Yes….I know it has been a few years but all for great business reasons. We (hubby and I) have been working on a huge project for our company Spirit & Soul Enterprise. But of course, I will fill you all in more and share more of that world here later. Now going back to the Social media world or the world wide web…Im still updating/rebranding my pages. Oh, by the way I’m on Instagram. Go check me out there and see why I’m up to daily. 

So this week, besides my rebranding, I completely got inspired to take on my full dream kitchen design and guess what it all started from @Akdo textiles and a black smoke tint glass cabinet system from (ikea).   I will definitely get custom cabinets similar to Ikea Jutis cabinets. I know, it’s not my ideal place for buying pieces to keep for a while but I love to go to their showroom to get my Design juices flowing along with Mathis Brothers, BathWorks and Lightbulb etc. I would love to see the AKDO showroom in person.

So without further ado…take a peek for yourself to see what inspired me for this weeks for our 5 Friday Finds?  

AKDO glass tiles [unknown tile name]
Ikea Jutis black smoke tinted cabinet
Copper water pot faucet [unknown brand]
Arteriors Ice Pendant
Samsung Bluelight WiFi range

Do you have a favorite dream kitchen wish? Share with us?  Enjoy the weekend and happy shopping!

Spring Pastels | 2017

There’s just something about Pastels this Spring that is making my creativity bloom.  Checkout these recent creations featuring some of my favorite Designers. Which design is your idea of Spring? Can you guess my favorite…lol.

Thanks for stopping by!

Head Strong : Featuring Stefania Boemi Head Vase | Trust Kisha Designs

Head Strong : Featuring Stefania Boemi Head Vase | Trust Kisha Designs

WinterSummer | Trust Kisha Designs

WinterSummer | Trust Kisha Designs