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blackishgrey | Trust Kisha Designs

Living An Extraordinary Life: Home Edition

moodboard mondays
It’s Monday already, FunDay ;} This week it’s all about living an extraordinary life and having the right ambiance to set the tone of how you want to feel. Its doesn’t take spending a fortune all the time to feel good. I have 5 design ideas for the home so get that pen and paper ready to make your shopping list. The key is clean lines, a bit of shine & sparkle in some items, metals,  glass, texture: suede/velvet,  satin/silk, and the must-have item: unique sculptural artwork. That’s it! Now are your ready to get inspired, check out these 5 fabulous designs and enjoy!
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Just Add Gold!

moodboard mondays
Happy Monday! Let’s jump right into this weeks IN THE MOOD MONDAY’S. It’s real simple, Just add gold to your living space. Whether its one accessory,  an accent wall or a lamp, just add gold. Gold is one of those colors that most are fearful of. Mainly because it has a ‘dated’ look if done the wrong way. Keep it fresh and find interesting pieces which will easily transform any room to a fun space. I say mix metals and finishes to keep an updated look, you never know what it will look or feel like until you try it. Of course, there are countless ways to incorporate gold into your home so you will never get bored. Take a look at these 5 mood-boards below to see just a few ways gold can be added to a space.
Have you ever seen a gold home interior item and thought it just wouldn’t go with YOUR home, share with us, what was it?
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Black or White or Both?

moodboard mondays
Todays moodboards are ideas for choosing black or white in a dining room. Which color scheme would you go with in your dining room sleek black or elegant white? How about mixing the two for a fun mashup at the dinner table. :}
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Whats your Mood? Reading Corner

moodboard mondays
What better way to start your Monday off then with Mood-boards. On Mondays I will post various mood-boards for home inspiration and I might even surprise you with fashion or beauty mood-boards as well. Today I have an idea for a modern and chic reading corner, with a navy blue and mustard yellow color wave.  Have you ever used mustard yellow in your home?
Whats your Mood? Reading Corner