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Fornasetti Time | Trust Kisha Designs

Chic Romantic: Color Palette #1 | Trust Kisha Designs

Chic Romantic: Color Palette #1 | Trust Kisha Designs

• USE MY STUFF – DOS • | Contest Entry

• USE MY STUFF - DOS • | Contest Entry

Living An Extraordinary Life: Home Edition

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It’s Monday already, FunDay ;} This week it’s all about living an extraordinary life and having the right ambiance to set the tone of how you want to feel. Its doesn’t take spending a fortune all the time to feel good. I have 5 design ideas for the home so get that pen and paper ready to make your shopping list. The key is clean lines, a bit of shine & sparkle in some items, metals,  glass, texture: suede/velvet,  satin/silk, and the must-have item: unique sculptural artwork. That’s it! Now are your ready to get inspired, check out these 5 fabulous designs and enjoy!
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