Spring Pastels | 2017

There’s just something about Pastels this Spring that is making my creativity bloom.  Checkout these recent creations featuring some of my favorite Designers. Which design is your idea of Spring? Can you guess my favorite…lol.

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Pastel Gallery Wall | Trust Kisha Designs

Pastel Gallery Wall | Trust Kisha Designs

pastel & wood | Trust Kisha Designs

pastel & wood | Trust Kisha Designs




Good Monday all!!!! So let’s set the tone for this week and discover Modern designs. Most people think of modern as being contemporary by thinking the two are the same. Where as modern and contemporary are TWO different styles. Take a look here to see comparisons of the two here. (minimal avant garde style of home). Not true at all….the list for modern styles are endless, at least with me they are. If you all haven’t figured it out by now, I LOVE mixing styles together for an subtle eclectic twist.

Definition(found here with more information about modern designs)

“Modern design is difficult to define definitively. The term “modern” refers to the influence of modern art on interior design, but does not necessarily refer to the era or age of the design. Modern design is not the same as contemporary design, which is a term that designers and artists apply to a shifting group of recent styles and trends. Modern design is defined more by its own trends, which have gone largely unchanged for several decades”

Today I will share 4 of my top modern styles to design. Take a peek and let me know you favorite design.
Modern Industrial: The mixture of industrial wood and metal elements mixed with modern sleek lines and color makes for an very inviting nest for either a family or a single individual, either sex (female or male).
Updated Modern Deco: The balancing act between modern and art deco elements is an easy act to follow. Just add a few modern accessories along with updated modern chairs is all to add a pleasant freshness to any room.
Modern Luxe: This style is my all time favorite. Its so timeless to have sleek pieces of furniture mixed with a bit of luxury and traditional pieces. Gives off a very sophisticated and glamorous vibe where big dreamers would love to live. Artwork by Alexey Kurbatov.
Clean Modern: Is very popular and often looked at as minimalism and/or contemporary due clean open space and minimal design items along with sleek lines.
Did I share your favorite space?  Is there a modern design you would like to see soon here on TOUCH MY LITTLE IDEA, or in your home….  contact me 
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